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→ 2. Robert Chase. “So everyone’s a suspect because everyone wants to help House except for me, I’m a suspect because I’m a petty vindictive jerk?”

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7. ALLISON CAMERON. “I’m being House; It’s funny.”

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Wet Hot American Summer (2001) vs. Parks and Recreation (2012)

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Parks & Rec alphabet
                                      B: Beer

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Parks & Rec alphabet
                                      A: Art

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British Parliament is expected to vote soon to join the air campaign against ISIS. Prime Minister Cameron recalled lawmakers for a special session to debate this issue.

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oh my god is the actor that plays Craig Middlebrooks not acting at al when he’s in character? this is amazing

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Kermit and Vincent Price, The Muppet Show, 1976

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Marchand goal in the preseason 9/30/14

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